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Welcome to Emplacement Web Service!

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You can do the following things with this web service application:

  • Download Emplacement configurations
  • Generate and view the HTML documentation of the selected Emplacement. I.e. human readable representation of the Emplacement specification.
  • Generate Blue Print file Skeleton from the selected Emplacement and Profile. The generated result can be used as starting point for the Blue Print specification of your own module.
  • Generate the HTML documentation of your module's XML specification aka Blue Print file. I.e. The human readable view of the Blue Print file specifying your module.
  • Download (sample) Blue Print files and look their documentations
  • Download specifications (EUPASS, TUT microFactory, ...)
  • Host of the XML Schemas (XSD) (resource models) and XML Transformations (XSLT)
  • View the documentation of content (e.g. Documentation of the XML Schemas)
  • View the summary of the content of the repository (Emplacements, Blueprints, ...)
  • Web Service interface for application-to-application integration. For further information please contact maintenance team of the site.
  • ...


  • 2016-06-30: Application moved and opened in new server.

Help and Questions

Any questions about this service, its content or possible errors in functionality should be addressed to:
Tampere University of Technology / Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems
Niko Siltala
email: niko.siltala(at)
Tel.: +358-40-536 6017

Last updated : 2016-07-06

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