Welcome to Resource Description Web Service!


You can do the following things with this web service application:

  • Download Abstract Resource Description (ARD) configurations
  • Generate and view the HTML documentation of the selected ARD. I.e. human readable representation of the ARD specification.
  • Generate Resource Description (RD) file Skeleton from the selected ARD and Profile. The generated result can be used as starting point for the new RD specification of your own module.
  • Generate the HTML documentation of your module's XML specification aka RD file. I.e. The human readable view of the RD file specifying your module.
  • Download (sample) RD files and look their documentations
  • Download specifications (EUPASS, TUT microFactory, ...)
  • Host of the XML Schemas (XSD) (resource models) and XML Transformations (XSLT)
  • View the documentation of content (e.g. Documentation of the XML Schemas)
  • View the summary of the content of the repository (ARDs, RDs, ...)
  • Web Service interface for application-to-application integration. For further information please contact maintenance team of the site.


Help and Questions

Any questions about this service, its content or possible errors in functionality should be addressed to:
Tampere University of Technology / Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Systems
Niko Siltala
email: niko.siltala(at)tut.fi
Tel.: +358-40-536 6017